Jimmy & Angel - 6 October 2013 at The Luxus MGK Kemayoran

Our Story

Jimmy is an IT Programmer and Angel is a web designer. They met at their old workplace back in 2007. It was her first day working there. Their first meeting didn't leave any impresison at all.

Jimmy is an outgoing person while Angel is an introvert. He often helps her to pick up a conversation, teases her, makes her feel comfortable around people. She began to feel comfortable around him and so did he. He likes her calm presence and easy going personality. It made him feel at ease. They started to get to know each other more closely. Riding on his motorcycle for lunch, hanging out together every weekend, sharing stories, and throwing silly jokes. When they're together, they always have a good time. On September 2007, they started dating. There're times when things weren't easy. But they never lose hope. They keep going together.

They had their engagement on August 2012 and decided to get married on October 6, 2013.

Wedding Reception

Our wedding reception will be held at 7pm at The Luxus Grand Ballroom Hall A 10th Floor, MGK Kemayoran, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat.
For your convinience we recommend our guests to park the car on the upper floors (from 7th to 9th). Escalators and Lifts are available on every floor.

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